Hopewell Works made some trade show displays, and recognition items for Petcurean.  We used Pine beetle wood, and reclaimed alder. Petcurean is a Canadian owned family business that we’ve been working with since 2011.  

What do you get when you take 3 of the most powerful micro brands in Canada? You get a 100% genuine suede and leather satin lined strapback baseball cap with an engineered hidden pocket to hide valuables simple because “Everybody has something to hide.”

Vancity Originals, IDC, Hopewell Works Ltd

We’ve been using our expertise to process leather with our laser cutter recently.  Engraving, cutting and combining the two. Hopewellworks.com.

Hopewellworks designed, fabricated, and installed (in Whistler Village) this interactive point of purchase display for Skullcandy.  

Hopewell Works helped Lululemon Athletica design and fabricate 10,000 wooden medallion/lockets for their August half marathon.  These pics were posted by stoked participants.  Thanks for all the great feedback!

Hopewellworks just recently built and installed this display in the Park Royal Lululemon.


Oblivion (2013) Featurette (by MovieTrailerApple)

(via monolithos)

Hopewell Works collaborated with El Furniture Warehouse to design and fabricate some solid wood signs for their Whistler Village restaurant.


worclip: Laser cut birch ply

Land In Between (2012) by Ane Domaas with Cathrine Kullberg

Land In Between’ is an artwork commissioned by Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Danmark. The miniature theatre in wood is part of the ongoing exhibition NEW NORDIC (June-October 2012).

Some trade show displays Hopewell Works ltd designed and fabricated for Petcurean